ADR Dangerous Goods

Whether you are an existing ADR provider, or are interested in becoming one, we can help 

As one of the very few consortia approved for ADR Dangerous Goods Training, we can assist you in becoming an approved SQA ADR Training Provider.

We can also provide members with other Dangerous Goods Related Courses, such as; PDP - Petroleum Driver Passport, DGSA - Dangerous Goods Safety Adviser and Dangerous Goods Awareness Courses.

  • ADR Instructor Training Courses
  • Regularly Updated Approved Courses
  • Discounted SQA Centre Fees
  • Up to 28 Hours of Driver CPC Included
  • Up to date Course Manuals with your own details & logo
  • All Classes including 1 & 7

Please see the 'Steps to ADR' document for more details

If you are interested in becoming an ADR Training Centre, please Email us, or use the form below.  
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